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SBI Photo Resizer Online Free

Resize, compress your Photo for SBI

Image Size Limit 5 MB

Template Width: Height: Max Size:
SBI - Photo Resizer 200px 230px 50KB


Resize, compress your photo and signature for SBI (State Bank of India). This online free converter tool automatically converts your photo to the required width and height in pixels for your SBI online application form. Automatically adjust the maximum file size limit of the file in KB and MB. After downloading you can upload this file to recruitment.bank.sbi online application form without any problem.

How To Use Our Tool

1. Click on the "Browse" button to Upload your image.
2. Draw a crop rectangle on the image.
3. Click the "Crop Image" button to crop your image.

How does this tool works

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Quick and Easy to Use

Crop image easily by drawing a crop rectangle on them. No need to upload. We crop photos right on your browser.

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Crop Image to Any Size

Crop your image to an exact pixel size so that you can share them without leaving out parts or distorting them.

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100% Free

This photo cropper is completely free to use. There are no registrations or annoying watermarks to worry about.

Features Of Our Image Crop

What is the SBI Photo Resizer Tool?

The SBI Photo Resizer Tool is an online tool provided by the State Bank of India to resize photographs according to specific dimensions required for various purposes.

Is the SBI Photo Resizer Tool free to use?

Yes, the SBI Photo Resizer Tool is typically free to use for SBI customers and sometimes even for non-customers.

Can I upload any image format to the SBI Photo Resizer Tool?

The tool usually supports commonly used image formats like JPEG, PNG, etc. However, it's always a good idea to check the specific requirements mentioned on the website.