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Online Free PDF TO Text Converter

Free PDF Text Extraction Tool

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A PDF to text tool can generate text from PDF documents, extract text content from a PDF file and convert it to plain text format. These tools are useful when you need to work with the textual content of a PDF, such as when you want to analyze, edit, or search text without having to deal with the PDF file itself. They generally preserve layout and formatting to some degree, but the primary focus is on extracting text accurately.

How To Use Our Tool

1. Upload an PDF File
2. Wait for the conversion to finish.
3. Select the Pages
4. Click the "Extract Text" button
5. Click on "Download Text" Button to download Text File

How does this tool works

pdf to image

Easy and Free Converter

Convert PDF to text for free online using our user-friendly conversion tools. It's free and will convert your PDF in the blink of an eye.

pdf to image

Exact Conversion

Convert PDF to text in a few simple and easy steps. Upload the PDF document and press the Extract Text button. Your text file is ready. Automatic conversion will convert all your files in just a few seconds

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Your File Safe

We Convert PDF TO Text directly on the browser. Since your PDF are never uploaded to our servers, no one has access to them.

Why would I want to convert PDF to text?

Converting PDF to text allows you to extract text content from a PDF document. It can be useful for a variety of purposes such as editing text, searching for specific information within a document, or analyzing text data.

Can I convert a password-protected PDF to text?

Yes, you can convert password protected PDF to text, simply upload your password protected PDF, then enter your PDF password, then select the PDF pages you want to convert to text, then "Extract Text" Click on the button.

Is it safe to convert PDF to text files?

Yes, it is completely safe. Our conversion tool is completely automated, so you don't have to worry about anyone seeing your documents. We convert PDF files directly on the browser Your PDF are not uploaded to our servers meaning your documents are always secure.


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